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Research & Consulting


Defence and Demining

DataDriven stands out as a leading provider of consulting services in Ukraine's defense and demining sectors. Collaborating closely with key stakeholders, including government agencies, international NGOs, and local startups, we offer specialized expertise and insights to drive impactful solutions.
From strategic planning and risk assessment to project implementation and stakeholder engagement, DataDriven offers a range of services designed to address critical challenges and maximise opportunities in these sectors.
We empower organisations to navigate regulatory complexities, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable outcomes in defence and demining initiatives. With DataDriven as a trusted partner, clients can confidently pursue their goals while contributing to positive societal impact and humanitarian efforts in the times of Ukraine's resistance to Russian armed aggression.

We work with key market stakeholders

  • Equipment Manufacturers

    Strategic Market Entry Planning, Partnership Facilitation, Risk Assessment

  • Mine

    Demining Operators

    Market Assessment, Technology Integration, Training and Capacity Building

  • Financiers (venture capital & private equity)

    Strategic Due Diligence, Market Insights, Portfolio Support

  • Ukrainian Startups

    Access to Ukrainian & Foreign Finance, International Expansion, Technology Validation

We provide public research to enhance understanding of the defense and demining markets


DataDriven is thankful to the following stakeholders from NGO, business and the government for their assistance in preparing the demining market report:

The release of four more public reports is scheduled for 2024

Ukrainian MilTech Market

This report delves into the emerging military technology market in Ukraine, analyzing current trends, key players, recent financial deals, and market growth drivers

AI & Demining

This study explores the integration of artificial intelligence in demining operations within Ukraine to show its impact on operations, policy & strategy

Demining lessons from Asia

This report examines successful demining strategies and practices from Asian countries, providing valuable insights and lessons that can be applied to Ukraine's demining 

Demining regulations

This analysis focuses on the regulatory framework governing demining activities in Ukraine, offering a comprehensive overview of current laws, policies, and potential areas for reform

DataDriven equally raises awareness on defence & demining in media & think tanks


Business on demining. Why is entering the humanitarian demining market more difficult than it seems, and how to start mine action?


Humanitarian Demining Poses Business Opportunity for Ukraine’s Allies and a New Direction for Development Aid


Commercial humanitarian demining: what do we have and where are we going?

DataDriven is an official partner of the Ukrainian Association on Humanitarian Demining, leading stakeholder platform