Research & Consulting

Research & Consulting

Industries I 

  • Media

    • Audience and Content Analytics

      Analytics on audience preferences, content effectiveness, and market trends for informed decisions.

    • Adaptation Strategies

      Assistance in adapting to the evolving media landscape and digital transformation.

    • Trend Identification

      Analysis to identify emerging trends and niche markets, providing a competitive edge.

  • Tech Products

    • Market and User Research

      Providing market analysis, user experience research, and product development insights.

    • Trend Analysis and Innovation

      Identifying emerging tech trends and consumer preferences for innovation.

    • Product Strategy and Positioning

      Enhancing product launch strategies and competitive positioning in the tech industry.

  • Healthcare

    • Patient Data Analysis and Experiment

      Analysis to improve treatment outcomes and patient care strategies.

    • Pharmaceutical Market Research

      Services for pharmaceutical market research, drug studies, and regulatory navigation.

    • Healthcare Policy Support

      Contributing to effective public health strategies and healthcare system improvements.

  • Finance

    • Risk and Market Analysis

      Risk management, customer behaviour analysis, and market opportunity identification.

    • Investment Strategy Development

      Data-driven strategies for investment and financial product development.

    • M&A Opportunities

      Market analysis, identification of suitable companies in a given sector, strategic & commercial due dilligence.

  • Artboard 8

    Energy & Utilities

    • Market and Consumer Insights

      Analysis on market trends, consumer behaviour, and regulatory changes.

    • Strategic Planning

      Developing long-term strategic plans aligned with market trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies.

    • Support in Energy Transition

      Supporting business diversification into green energy, transition to carbon-neutral operations and corporate sustainability initiatives.

  • Green Transition & Sustainability

    • Evaluation of Corporate Sustainability

      An audit of existing ESG performance of enterprises, proposing the ways on how to improve it.

    • Sustainable Transition Strategies

      Insights and strategies for businesses transitioning to sustainable practices.

    • Green Economy Opportunities

      Identifying business segments in the green economy for sustainable business innovation for a business diversification.

  • Logistics

    • Cost Reduction Strategies

      Identifying cost-saving opportunities throughout the logistics value chain.

    • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

      Implementing advanced analytics to derive actionable insights from data.

    • Market Adaptation

      Helping logistics companies adapt to changing market conditions and customer expectations.

  • Defence & Demining

    • Market intelligence

      Providing the local context information on defence and demining markets.

    • Lessons from Ukraine

      Assist foreign actors in informing them about Ukraine's unique experience in the defense sector and military-industrial complex gained in countering Russian aggression.

    • Policy and Strategy Development

      Assisting in formulating defence policies, strategies, and action plans tailored to Ukraine's security needs.

  • Government and Public Sector

    • Policy and Impact Analysis

      Comprehensive data analysis and consultancy services tailored to public sector needs, focusing on policy development, impact assessment, and resource optimisation.

    • Public Sentiment and Demographics

      Expertise in public sentiment analysis and demographic studies to inform effective and resonant policy-making.

    • Operational Efficiency

      Assistance in streamlining government operations through data-driven strategies, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

  • Non-Profits & NGO

    • Social Impact Research

      Specialising in research on social issues, public policies, and donor trends to maximise impact and outreach.

    • Program Evaluation

      Data-driven approaches for programme evaluation to ensure effective resource utilisation.

    • Stakeholder Engagement

      Insights for improved engagement strategies with stakeholders and donors, enhancing fundraising and awareness.